Show and Tell


I am a videographer and filmmaker and work with Flex Labs to develop engaging content for unique learning experiences. I create informative, engaging content for learning technology applications. I also work with The Solution and The Insight teams to film instructional videos for use as part of overall learning solutions for clients. These work particularly well for customer service programmes, coaching and mentoring academies and for recording larger ‘town hall’ type events.

I am originally from Brazil where I completed a BA in Psychology and further studies in Advanced Editing, Colouring, Motion Graphics, Art Direction, Layout and Photography. I produced video content for top companies in Brazil such as Leroy Merlin, Louis Dreyfus, and Hidrovias Brasil.

I enjoy working in the area of learning and development very much and always ensure that everyone involved with the filming process is relaxed. This eliminates any self-consciousness and creates a great working environment.

I love to spend my free time with my young family and my friends. I enjoy exploring Ireland and learning about the country one frame at a time.


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