Transform Your Training with eLearning



I am an eLearning Developer with Flex Labs. I work with John and Stefan to help individuals and organisations integrate digital learning into their learning and development programmes.

You will meet me at the development stage of your eLearning project. I will work with you to design the look and feel of your eLearning experience. I also project manage some of our eLearning projects.

I am originally from Brazil where I completed a BA in Psychology and qualified as a Myers-BriggsType Indicator psychometric test practitioner.

I have over ten years’ experience working in HR and Learning and Development, working with WICE Exchange Agency, Louis Dreyfus Commodities and FábricaRH – HR Consulting. I have a passion for eLearning and digital learning design and love working with clients to transform their training solutions into engaging digital learning experiences.

In my free time, I love to relax with my family. I also enjoy travelling to see my extended family in Brazil and Italy and practising my language skills. In addition to English, I also speak Spanish and Portuguese.


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