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Are you a training professional responsible for creating eLearning courses? If you weren't before the pandemic-enforced advent of mass remote working, there's a good chance that you now find yourself need to create eLearning courses. 


Many organisations in Ireland, both large and small, had yet to commit to the digital transformation that L&D experts like Josh Bersin have been advocating for years. These organisations now find themselves needing to quickly transition from classroom training delivery to creating high quality, engaging eLearning courses for their staff or clients.


The good news is that you don't need to be an expert to create high-end eLearning courses.


At Flex Labs, our mission is to empower you to create high-end, engaging online courses. Based in Ireland, we have have nearly 10 years' experience in creating eLearning courses for our clients and running training courses for professionals in Ireland in how to create eLearning courses of your own. We certainly practice what we preach - our eLearning Essentials course has now been converted from a classroom training course to an eLearning course, and is available to professionals in Ireland and abroad!


Our accredited eLearning Essentials course will show you how to:


  • Choose the right digital learning format for your learning objectives
  • Map out an end-to-end online course
  • Design an interactive and engaging experience using your existing training content
  • Use various software tools to design and create your own courses

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Accredited Course


Fully Online Course

- 6 Live Virtual Classroom Sessions

- Individual & Team Activities

- Ongoing Social Learning



- Access to Flex Labs Online



Price: €1,100 per person

15% Skillnet funding available



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